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Map of the whole Dark Lands, with Zorn Uzkul to the north.

Zorn Uzkul, or the Great Skull Land, is the northernmost region of the Dark Lands.


It is a vast and inhospitable plateau where the air is frigid and thin, and the dusty ground littered with the wind-scoured bones of the ancient dead. The mineral wealth is rich here, but the earth and stone to some seem tainted and unclean. In the Age of the Ancestors, when the Dwarfs first colonised the Worlds Edge Mountains, many of them called the place accursed and turned aside from it, either retreating to the most established holds in the south or, if of more adventurous character, choosing to strike out into far Norsca or undertake the journey first east and then south to the rich lodes recently discovered in the Mountains of Mourn. Some however, refusing to be baulked, chose to remain in the Great Skull Land come what may, and founded Uzkulak. There the Eastern Dwarfs turned into the Chaos Dwarfs during the Great Catastrophe.[2a]

The Road of Skulls is a dangerous route that crosses this land, starting from Kislev and passing through the High Pass into Zorn Uzkul, and then south of Uzkulak into a ravine that winds through the northernmost Mountains of Mourn into the Chaos Wastes.[1a]

There are a couple of unnamed lakes to the south, and River Ruin is born to the southeast. When it reaches the cliff that separates the Great Skull Land from the Plain of Zharrduk, it forms the so-called Falls of Doom, at whose feet the Chaos Dwarfs excavated centuries ago a long navigable tunnel that reaches the Sea of Chaos through Uzkulak, which today hosts a slave-port.[1a][1b][2a]


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