Wh2 dlc11 cst zombie deckhands

A Zombie Deckhand.[1]

Zombie Pirate Deckhand Mobs are made up of the resurrected corpses of Pirates and Sailors, forming the bulk of the Vampire Coast's Zombie Pirates.


Reanimated from corpses of drowned seaman and other unfortunates who perish at sea, Zombie Deckhands serve the eldritch admirals of the world’s oceans to make up the bulk of Undead pirate hordes. Festooned with rusty and corroded cutlasses and polearms, they are controlled with dread enchantments which enable them to be competent as crewmen as well as fighters, making them ideal for piracy. As with all warriors reanimated from the dead, however, they tend to be clumsy combatants, with their advantages mostly being in the fact they have no will of their own so will continue moving forward regardless of injury or futile odds. Nevertheless, the tempestuousness of the Winds of Magic that blow across world’s oceans means that despite their apparent mindlessness, some vicious spark of personality resides deep within the Deckhands’ rotten souls, making them all the more formidable in combat.[1]



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