"It is said that where he fell, there grew a monument to his evil deeds. And no good thing would grow there."
Alberecht of Nuln.[1a]

Lord Zhulgozar, a Chaos Sorcerer and disciple of Tzeentch, was for a time one of the mightiest of all mortal magic-users. Zhulgozar's thirst for more and more knowledge led him across the globe in search of arcane lore. He would join any warhost if it brought him closer to a source of raw power or a lost mystical tome.[1a]

Using heinous magics, Lord Zhulgozar sought to make himself invincible, for he knew his quest for mystical lore would eventually prove deadly. When the great Chaos Sorcerer first died, his fallen body was immediately absorbed into the ground. With a tremulous shudder the surface cracked and a stone monolith pushed its way upwards - a massive monument to the fallen sorcerer. Those gifted with the witchsight could see that the edifice glowed with barely contained magical power.[1a]

And yet Lord Zhulgozar lived again. Reborn anew in the Realm of Chaos, Lord Zhulgozar returned to his quest, vowing to one day return to the sites of his death to have his revenge. And so centuries passed, with new monuments rising wherever the powerful mage fell in battle, but always the sorcerous lord returned. What ultimately happened to Lord Zhulgozar none can say, but dotted around the wilds of the world - atop the barren hills of Troll Country, the mist-shrouded forests of Sylvania or rising out of the burning sands of Araby - can still be found his monumental legacy, crumbling ruins that to this day still house tremendous power.[1a]


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