Zavstra is a town on the border with the Empire and is sometimes included in the Southern Oblast. However, its openness to the people of the Empire means it fits better with western culture. The old town was completely destroyed in the Storm of Chaos, along with most of the population. People have returned to rebuild, and the physical structure is coming along very well. The problem is that about half of the new residents are from Kislev and the other half from the Empire. The town used to be predominantly Kislevite, but now the returning refugees have accepted the help of those from destroyed parts of the Empire. Most of these Empire folk still regard themselves as citizens, and the Temple of Sigmar faces the Garden of Ursun across the central square. Neither government has yet pressed its claims to control the stanitsa, but there is no way the situation can be left unresolved indefinitely. Unless things are handled very carefully, violence is likely, and some speculate war between the Empire and Kislev could be possible.[1a]


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