The Chaos Dwarf, Zardrach of the Skull, was the forgemaster overseeing a cliff-side Aesling quarry in northern Norsca. Described as squat, broad-shouldered, encased in black steel and scaly strips of leather. He wields a massive double-handed weapon that is both axe, maul and pick. Behind his skull-faced helmet, the dawi-zharr coils his greasy black hair in elaborate rings, festooned with tiny shrunken skulls. His beard is coarse and wiry, and likewise coiled into rings with shrunken skulls woven into his beardlocks. Hoops of gold pierce the thick, hairy brow that shade the villain's beady orange eyes whilst gold nails stub his big, bulbous nose. Sharp fangs gleam in his mouth when he speaks, giving his words a hissing, weasel-like tone.[1a]

When the Baersonling Einarr raided the quarry, he let the slaver live despite protestation from Thognathog, whom the Chaos Dwarf had chained and tormented. This was done on the condition that, alongside breaking the mutant ogre's chains, Zardrach would reforge the blade Fangwyrm, using the ithilmar dagger Einarr had taken after slaying Alfkaell. Zardrach initially protested this, calling it 'devil-steel', but relented for fear of his life. When questioned about the quality of his work, the dawi-zharr flew into a tantrum, held at bay only because Thognathog held him on a leash made from re-purposed chains.[1b]


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