"And he did smite and destroy his enemies with great vengeane and furious anger."
Translations from inscriptions in the tomb of King Amenemhetum of Zandri[2b]

Zandri, the "Fleetport of Terror," is one of the largest and greatest port cities within the realm of Nehekhara. It commands the waters off the Great Mortis Delta.

The Tomb Kings' domain is not limited to the endless sands -- they also bring war to the seas. The coast around the Mortis Delta is filled with the sunken wrecks of numerous pirate ships -- fools that have attacked Zandri in the search of untold riches.[1a]

In the city's harbours at the mouth of the Great Mortis River, ancient barges that writhe with dark energy still float, manned by Skeleton crews who bend their backs at the oars to the resonant boom of drums and the cracks of their taskmaster's whips.

Along the waters of the miles-wide Mortis River, and across the Great Ocean to the north, the Tomb Fleets bring the terror of Nehekhara to distant realms. These imposing armadas set out laden with skeletal legions and vengeful rulers thirsty for conquest, and return with blood-slick weapons and recovered treasures, plundered from Nehekhara in ages past.[1a]

One of Zandri's greatest rulers was King Amenemhetum. During his reign he built a vast fleet of warships and sailed the oceans of the Old World, conquering the lands across the seas in the name of Ualatep, the vulture god.

His kingdom extended deep into the lands of what is now Tilea and under his rule Zandri became a fabulous and wealthy place. Now the city is all but destroyed, and the streets are quiet, but the seas still stir with unnatural life.

When Nagash awoke the Tomb Kings, they waged war on each other. In death, as he had in life, Amenemhetum was content to be ruler of the oceans, ancient vessels, still as glorious as they were when the king still lived, ply the waters once more.

Even in death it is said he continues to raid the world, his ships ceaselessly sailing the seas, rowed by skeleton slaves doomed to an eternity at the oars. No coast is safe and even the most experienced captains know to steer clear when they sight his fleet.

The coast around the Mortis Delta is filled with the sunken wrecks of pirate ships that have foolishly attacked his fleet in search of treasure.[2a]


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