Prince Yvarn of Meletan

Prince Yvarn of Meletan had commanded the fortress of Eagle Gate for some five summers before Darkblade's assault. When the prince first took up command, many of his subordinates believed him to be unforged, lacking the necessary experience for so weighty a duty. Such opinions were not entirely unfounded. Yvarn was a distant cousin to the Phoenix King, and his family had much influence at court. However, what doubts there where quickly vanished during the Wars of Reclamation, when the host of the plaguelord Septimus Rot threatened to overwhelm Eagle Gate's defences. Yvarn's spear might have been but one of many to pierce the daemon's hide, but it was also the first to do so, for no other in the garrison could find the courage to stand in the creature's path.[1a]

When Drachau Malus Darkblade assaulted the Eagle Gate, a portion of its walls remained severely damaged from the daemonic incursion. Yvarn's officers urged a sally against the druchii, to take the battle to the invader before a prolonged attack could be mounted. The prince had endured the implications that he was unwise or inexperienced when he’d disagreed with the idea of an offensive attack. Indeed, holding the Eagle Gate would be difficult with a breach in the walls, but Yvarn intended to exploit the weakness—turning it into a killing ground for the best their foe could send against them. The troops deployed at the breach had effectively been given a death sentence, and it was for that reason he entrusted the role to his personal retinue of warriors, the Eataine Guard. The guard held firm before the merciless assault, with Yvarn himself striking down Darkblade's war-leader and lover, shattering the morale of the attackers.[2a]

Lauded as a hero for throwing back the druchii charge, Yvarn continued to outmaneuver the Drachau of Hag Graef. Proving once more to be a shrewd tactician, the prince recognized Darkblade's feints for what they were, choosing to keep his Eataine Guard positioned at the breach in the walls, despite the protests of his subordinates. As the Naggorite slaves and Dreadspears of Clar Karond charged between the sundered walls, they were faced with a barrier of corpses stacked high, with the Eataine Guard braced unflinchingly behind. Minute after minute, with only the Caledorian bowmen to support them, the Eataine Guard held their ground. Outnumbered a hundredfold, they refused to yield. Seven regiments had now been thrown into the attack and still the Eataine Guard held their ground. Minutes of defiance stretched into hours. The Tyrant of Hag Graef spent thousands of his soldiers, but the asur held. From dawn until dusk the Asur had endured, Prince Yvarn's presence and valor urging them on to ever-greater feats of glory.[2b]


  • Runesword of Meletan - This sword has been borne into battle by fifty generations of Yvarn's line. Passed more often from corpse to living heir than from father to son, or mother to daughter.[1b] Never has this blade fled from battle.[2a]
  • Chracian Shield - Yvarin’s shield, shattered in the first charge through the breach, had been replaced by one gifted to him by the captain of the Silverpelts, a mark of esteem and solidarity from the contingent from Chrace.[2b]
  • Caledorian Breastplate - The Talons of Tor Caleda had bestowed on him a breastplate of finely wrought ithilmar and obsidian, which, they claimed, had been forged in dragonfire by the mightiest dragon mages.[2b]


  • Yvarn's name is spelled "Yvarin" in the End of Times novel, Deathblade: A Tale of Malus Darkblade.


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