"The little mouse dares to defy me, Yth'nizzilik the Maleficent! Yth'nizzilik the Enduring! Yth'nizzilik the Great Abomination!"
Yth'nizzilik to Einarr Sigdansson[1a]

The Lord of Change, Yth'nizzilik, is described at first as a great black eagle, its beak crooked like a sickle, its form swelling like a gathering storm as it changes. Scaly legs ripple with energy as they expand. Tiny gemstones twinkle from the pillar-like limbs, a scintillating skin of sapphire and diamond. Its body stretches and twists, the feathers folding in upon themselves until they vanish back into the daemon's leathery skin. Hundreds of eyes blink from the mottled chest, no two sharing a kindred colour, changing size and shape with every passing breath. Flames of white fire flash through the raptor's wings and its thin bones thicken into the clawed arms of a giant. New wings, translucent, almost glass-like, spread from the eagle's back, tinkling like tiny bells as they snap open. An onlooker could almost see landscapes and creatures moving within the smoky depths of the wings. Only the daemon's head resists the change that consumes the rest of it. Throughout the metamorphosis, it retains its cruel avian shape, somehow remaining in proportion to its body. The longer one looks, the more it seems that Yth'nizzilik grows, its impossible enormity filling whatever confines it dines within, or perhaps the surrounding area itself expands to accommodate the daemon's power. It is unclear. Mortal senses rebel against this violation of perception, shielding their eyes in an effort to block such an awful sight.[1a]


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