Yngve Aarseth is a deranged and powerful seer. He is greatly respected – and feared – throughout Norsca. His eyes were torn out long ago when he was held captive by a malicious band of Goblin raiders, Aarseth claims that his physical blindness allows him to "see all truth". The wizened old seer refuses to serve any of the jarls, even when they threaten him with torture or imprisonment. He knows that the jarls are too frightened of his powers to carry out their threats.[1a]

Aarseth can be found roaming the streets of Olricstaad, answering any question that is asked of him – by anyone – in his hoarse, gentle whisper. This changes, however, in the dark of night... especially during a full moon. During such times, the seer goes to the town square of Olricstaad, and sacrifices a young goat with his strangely curved silver knife. In the pools of blood that spatter the cobblestones, Aarseth draws out pictures of men, all of whom he claims shall die within the coming year. While this claim seems preposterous, no one has been able to dispute his prophecies.[1a]


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