The Yellow Eye Tribe is a Night Goblin clan that inhabits the ruins of Karak Azgal.[1a]


Many tribes of Night Goblins live in the depths of the Dragon Crag. It is a perfect environment for them; it’s dark and dank with plenty of places to hide. Most tribes are scattered and leaderless, eking out a meagre existence until one of the other denizens of the ruins or some bold adventuring party exterminates them.[1a]

The Yellow Eye Night Goblins are a much more dangerous tribe, led by a clever shaman known as Screetch. He led them to their current lair, a perfect haven with an abundance of fungus and a good water supply. Along the way the Goblins captured many Cave Squigs, and they now conduct numerous raids throughout the ruins in search of treasure.[1a]

A monstrous Squig called Bonk, nursed back to health by Screetch himself, guards their lair. Those who would put an end to the Goblin tribe must first deal with this terror. The creature has large yellow eyes, giving the tribe its name. All Goblins here paint bright yellow eyes on their foul tunics.[1a]

The Yellow Eye tribe lives in a series of natural caverns on the 3rd level of the Karak Azgal ruins. The heart of their home is a huge, fungus-filled chamber that provides the tribe with food. There are two entrances to the lair, a shaft and a steeply sloping passage. At the bottom of the shaft four Cave Squigs stand guard, while the other passage is guarded by seven hidden Goblins - two of which are Fanatics.[1a]


This tribe must not be confused with the Goblin tribe of the same name that lives in the Border Princes.


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