Groff concocted this plague. Known as the Yellow Death, victims develop a high fever, which soon makes them terribly thirsty, and yet unable to void their bladders. The pain of this blockage is excruciating, but the victim cannot stop drinking, so it only gets worse and worse. The skin turns yellow and the sweat reeks of urine. Victims eventually die of fever, hallucinating and screaming, their brains boiled.[1a]

At first, the only way to catch the Yellow Death is to eat tainted meat from Groff’s butcher stall. He is testing the disease for effectiveness. But when the cult reaches Altdorf, Groff changes the disease so it becomes a plague known as the Yellow Plague. He feeds tainted meat to the Altdorf citizens who come to the Crusaders of the Child’s last rally. Those who catch the disease from the meat become carriers. Anyone who touches a victim’s sweat may catch the disease.[1a][1b]


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