Xlanhuapec, the City of Mist is the second city to be founded and a mysterious place that holds many secrets left behind by the Old Ones. For its own protection, the entire city is perpetually wreathed in banks of coiling mist and it is possible to pass within a few yards of its boundary stones without noting the city’s sprawling presence, so thick are those swirling vapours. Xlanhuapec houses a number of ancient artifacts, including the Placid Pool - reflective waters that allow world-spanning visions; the Device of the Great Beyond - a communications relic through which others from far distant stars occasionally speak, and an Eternity Ship — a great egg-shaped vessel within which time does not flow. These hoarded treasures and more are jealously guarded and it is a death sentence for any outsider to so much as glimpse the city beneath its protective shroud of mists, for Xlanhuapec is sacred ground to the Lizardmen.[1a]

Xlanhuapec stands upon an auspicious alignment of the geomantic web and, at all times, one of the city’s Mage-Priests must maintain the cloying cover of mists, a spell that has remained uninterrupted for long ages. The Slann’s very words turn to creeping vapour, which spreads forth to encompass the entire city - a sprawling metropolis that extends dozens of miles in all directions from the mountainous heights of its centremost pyramid. It is said that the mist possesses terrible strength, and in times of need can take the shape of creatures - elemental magic formed from water and air. Few invaders have ever been able to penetrate the city and live to tell the tale, although those survivors have spread many rumours of the city’s matchless treasures.[1a]

Known Slann Inhabitants


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