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Heraldry of Wydrioth

Wydrioth, the Pine Crags, is a High Realm of Athel Loren, ruled by Lord Findol and Lady Evelyne. It is an embattled region, ever beset by the Dwarfs and Greenskins of the Grey Mountains. From the outside, its steep slopes appear to be no more defensible than any other part of Athel Loren. It is only when an invader is drawn beneath the eaves that he discovers that the Pine Crags are in fact a sprawling fortress. Here, the Elves have shaped citadels and strongholds from skycrown oaks, and endless leagues of gnarled and tangled walls from rockbriar.[1a]  

A maze of walkways and root-braced tunnels bind the various outposts together into a single living defence-work capable of repelling a full-blown Waaagh! Many rising warlords have met their doom amongst the glades of Wydrioth, for bringing an army into the Pine Crags is a much simpler proposition than that of its extrication. Findol and his court are famously bloodthirsty, and take great joy in slaughtering those who intrude upon their domain.[1a]


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