In the far south of Ostland on the banks of the Talabec, Wurzen sits almost undisturbed by the events that have ravaged Ostland. True, over a thousand refugees have swelled its population, but the Baron von Wallenstein showed great organisational ability in settling them and arranging for food, shelter, and sanitation. It seemed almost a miracle when the Slaaneshi army that sacked Boven bypassed Wurzen on the way to Zundap, a testament to the Baron's skills at deception and misdirection. And now there are those in Wurzen saying that a man of such obvious ability should rule Ostland, not the incompetent von Raukov.[1a]

What is not said is that these voices belong to agents of the Elector Count of Talabecland, who has become von Wallenstein's patron in a plot to gain control over southern Ostland, if not the whole province. The Baron would rule as a "Grand Duke" under the Elector Count, who would himself collect von Raukov's Runefang.[1a]

But even the scheming Elector Count of Talabecland does not know the whole truth, for von Wallenstein is a cultist of Slaanesh. The "miracle" was really a deal he made with the Slaaneshi army's general, swearing himself to the Lord of Pleasure in return for having his lands spared. He even betrayed the defences at Zundap as a sign of "good faith". Von Wallenstein is using the Elector Count of Talabecland to further his plans to turn all Ostland into a haven of Chaos.[1a]


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