Capital of Stirland, Wurtbad rests at the terminus of the Old Dwarf Road, surrounded by the Great Forest. By far the largest town in Stirland, its whitewashed walls and buildings and its busy docks and markets tell of a prosperous trading town. By decree of the Elector Counts, all the wine produced in western Stirland must be sold through Wurtbad, earning the town the sobriquet of "the wine capital of the Empire". Traders come from all over the Empire and beyond to bid on next year's vintages, and the Vintner's Guild is an important political force.[1b]

The city is ruled by the Haupt-Anderssen family, in their capacities as Princes of Wurtbad. As they are also the Elector Counts, Wurtbad is a regional centre for government and diplomacy. Innkeeping is a respected art in Wurtbad, with the Golden Eagle Inn being a favourite of visiting dignitaries. The town is also famous for its several hot spring baths, and many of the wealthy come "to take the waters". Because the rich and powerful are often guests, spies and assassins regularly ply their trades here. The Count therefore maintains a vigilant secret police force to prevent embarrassing incidents.[1b]

Known Features

  • Eagle Castle[1c]
  • City Hall: A large and imposing, if some what time-worn building[2]
  • Grossweg Bridge: A bridge over the River Stir[1a]
  • The Golden Eagle Inn: A favourite inn of visiting nobles[1b]

Temple of Myrmidia

During the first wars against the Vampire Counts of Sylvania, Tilean mercenaries flooded Wurtbad seeking employment. The Temple of Myrmidia was completed in 2011 IC as a place for the mercenaries to worship. The domed ceiling is painted with a famous fresco by Leonardo da Miragliano, the brilliant inventor and gifted artist. The fresco was Miragliano's last commissioned work before entering the Emperor's service.[3a]

The temple is poorly kept, and only a single priest maintains it. The columns are crumbling, and the walls are stained from weather. Few mercenaries visit Wurtbad these days, but the temple remains a historic landmark.[3a]


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