"Wurrzag is beholden to no tribe nor lord, only the whisperings of the Greenskin gods in his addled mind."

Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet and his war boar, Spleenrippa.

Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu is a Savage Orc Shaman possessed of potent mystical powers. Known as Da Great Green Prophet, Wurrzag is guided along his path by the Greenskin gods, Gork and Mork. He leads tribes to greatness before wandering off to pursue yet another mad plan to advance Orcish kind.[2a]


Wurrzag's green crusade began in the Southlands when, with the magical energy that arced uncontrollably out of his eyes, he unintentionally transformed the former Shaman of the Bone Nose Tribe into a squiggly beast.[2a]

As the tribe prepared to ritually eat Wurrzag for his deed, the marinated Orc entered a trance and spouted a tale of a time long ago, when the now-sorry Bone Nose tribe ruled the lands. The cold-blooded ones came and built great pyramids, driving the tribe away and destroying their idols. Since those shameful times, the tribe had lived under a curse.[2a]

Wurrzag rekindled their spirit of conquest and, filling in for their transformed Shaman, led the Bone Nose warriors to level the nearest lizard-city. Using the rubble of the wrecked pyramid, Wurrzag ordered the Greenskins to erect two edifices. To this day these same stone-faced idols watch over the Bone Noses and the tribe's fortune has grown.[2a]

Next, Wurrzag travelled to the Land of the Dead, where, after saving the Spotted Skullz tribe, he was presented with the Bonewood Staff. In the Badlands, Wurrzag raised new effigies of Gork and Mork, for which he was given the War Boar Spleenrippa by the Iron Pig tribe. Speaking with other tribal Shamans at every stop on his journey, Wurrzag sought out the best Big Bosses and the most promising Warbosses. His message was always the same - Gork and Mork are coming, now is the time for the Greenskins to take what should be theirs.[2a]

Even now Wurrzag is wandering somewhere in the lands, seeking out and aiding the most powerful Greenskin leaders, or perhaps inspiring some unknown tribe to greatness. He travels alone or with mobs of Savage Orcs that have vowed to 'see 'im off to da next fight.' Rumours about da Great Green Prophet run rife, and it is said an army with Wurrzag in it has never been defeated in battle.[2a]

Wurrzag is also renowned for his particularly powerful warpaints and his ability to turn enemy wizards into Squigs.[2a]

The End Times

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"They is in my way, and I want 'em gone. Gork wants me somewhere else, and I intend to go there. But that ain't here, so go blast 'em."
"Yes, oh mighty git,' Wurrzag squawked, shaking his staff"
"And stop calling me a git,' Grimgor roared.
The Green Slaughterer and the Great Green Prophet.[5]

As the End Times began, the drums of war beat night and day in the heart of the Badlands. Amidst the furore, Wurrzag, great prophet of his people, searched beneath the gaze of the totems raised in those forsaken lands. Out of the thousands of tribes that amassed there, no less than a dozen warlords rose to prominence - splitting the gathering hordes between them.[3a]

It had ever been Wurrzag's dream to find one, great Warboss that could claim the favour of both Gork and Mork, an ultimate Greenskin warlord who could smash the world asunder. Never had the oft-addled Wurrzag moved with such clarity; never had his visions been more lucid. [3a]

Wurrzag flung and read the bones, and then flung them again -- letting them point him in the right direction. He vomited out pure green mystical energies, bathing in the visions they supplied. Wurrzag lurched and gyrated around the fire doing his best shamanistic wardance at each crude encampment he visited.[3a]

Yet despite his frantic searchings, he met with no success. Dimly, Wurrzag began to realise that perhaps he sought not one almighty Warboss, but two -- a Fist of Gork, and a Hand of Mork.[3a]

Indeed, Wurrzag soon discovered the Fist of Gork, Grimgor Ironhide. At first Grimgor wanted nothing more than to plant his axe right in the middle of the shaman's mask on general principles, but Wurrzag was too valuable. Soon, the Green Prophet would never be seen far away from the Black Orc, not since Gork himself had reached down and given Grimgor a "flick on the noggin."[5a]

Wurrzag would fight alongside Grimgor when he invaded the realm of the Chaos Dwarfs, and was present alongside him and Borgut Facebeater when they toppled the massive statue of the stunties' Bull God.[5b]

Original Background (6th Edition)

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Wurrzag and Wizzbang.

Wurrzag is the chosen emissary of Mork (and perhaps even Gork) and is seeking the Once And Future Git. He travels the Badlands mostly, joining the larger Waaagh!s in search of the future leader of all the Orcs. Some say that the Git is asleep under the hills, but Wurrzag is still looking anyway.[1a]

Ever since he was a young pup, Wurrzag had been in trouble. The Bone Nose tribe's Shaman, Old Wizzbang, was a jealous and cantankerous Orc who didn't want any young 'uns stealing his thunder. So the day Wurrzag was found in a trance, with his eyes glowing green, floating in mid air with crackles of green lightning arcing from him to the ground he was unceremoniously kicked out of the tribe into the impossibly overgrown maze of the jungle. This was not a good thing for Wurrzag, as the general idea was that he get himself eaten as soon as possible by one of the slavering monsters that lurked there. But Gork and Mork had other plans.[1a]

Wurrzag didn't know about these plans and expected to be something's meal at any moment. However, panic can only last so long, and after several hours of not being eaten he decided that he was hungry himself and went to look for his own lunch. Perhaps it was his crackling green lightning, perhaps it was the odd smell of ozone that hung about him, but all the slavering monsters decided they had urgent appointments elsewhere and avoided him.[1a]

The days went by, then months and years, and Wurrzag grew into a large and imposing Orc. He was never bothered by the many dangerous beasties that threatened others who ventured into the green maze of the jungle alone. In fact, he rather liked them being there as they were excellent guards for him when the vision trances overtook him and he lay mewling, helpless and unseeing, or wandering like a sleepwalker through the trees. The visions which had plagued him since he was a pup had grown stronger over the years even though the Waaagh! energy from the constant fighting and squabbling of the boyz no longer coursed all about. These visions led him all over the jungle, always seeking something, but never finding it until the fateful night when both moons were full at once.[1a]

He snapped out of his trance in a clearing, staring up at the moons. He was lying in the ruined square of what had once been a huge Orc fort, or castle, or something. He'd never seen anything like it. Curious, he started to explore, finding tumbled parapets and halls, many bedecked with strange and crumbling wall paintings. There was a ring of familiarity about the place, though he'd never been there before, and this soon led him to a sturdy building in one corner of the compound. It was as ruined and overgrown as the rest, though Wurrzag could feel it was somehow important. He pondered this, scuffing at the debris with his foot, but finding nothing. At last, when he had given up on finding anything, he fell through the floor.[1a]

When he woke again his head hurt, but the pain was forgotten the moment he laid eyes on the mask. The skeleton that wore it was well past its best and didn't resist when Wurrzag relieved it of its burden. Odd, that. The skeleton was almost dust, but the wooden mask was fine. Dusty, but fine. He tried it on and almost fell over a third time. Instead of a dimly lit, rubble choked hole he stood in a brightly lit throne room with torches blazing and furs strewn over an elaborately carved throne. Wurrzag wrenched the mask from his face to look again, or at least he would have done if he could have removed it, but it was stuck fast! Then, before he could struggle further, a glowing green figure appeared and he stopped in his tracks.[1a]

In front of him stood his mirror image: a young Savage Orc Shaman wearing a strange wooden mask. However, this one had a skull topped staff too and seemed to be made of a translucent green mist. Wurrzag stood with his mouth open and stared, then the figure began to speak. "Wurrzag," he said. "Gork and Mork have chosen you for a great mission - you must seek out the Once And Future Git and bring him here." Wurrzag stared some more. Everyone had heard of this mythical greenskin that once led them all, and would someday return to lead them to victory again against their many enemies before falling in battle at the end of the world itself.[1a]

"Here?" Wurrzag finally managed.[1a]

"Yes", said the apparition. "The True Git will prove himself by drawing his axe once more from the Gaffastone." The ghost gestured in the direction of a large stone in the corner, crudely shaped in the image of a stout, bearded figure. Buried in its head was a large and ornately wrought axe, glittering in the torchlight. "Only the Git can do this", continued the green shaman, "and it is your task to seek him out and bring him here. Take this, it will help you." he concluded, handing the staff to Wurrzag. And with that the vision faded.[1a]

And so Wurrzag's quest began. He started by returning to the Bone Noses - the tribe that had thrown him out. Old Wizzbang was still there and still crotchety as ever, but Wurrzag was rather different. The confrontation lasted mere seconds and when the dust settled Old Wizzbang had disappeared. In his place was an unusual looking Squig which Wurrzag took for himself and which now rides atop the Bonewood staff.[1a]

"I'm off to find Da Git," bellowed Wurrzag to the assembled crowd. "Anyone comin'?" And with that he strode over to the boar pens, stared down the biggest and most surly of the lot, and rode off north. Naturally the rest of the tribe followed...[1a]


Wurrzag goes to battle equipped with his Baleful Mask and his Bonewood Staff, and carries around Wizzbang, the Power Squig. He may also ride on his War Boar[2b] Spleenrippa.[1a][2a]

  • Baleful Mask[1a][2a] - Through the Baleful Mask, Wurrzag can see things as they will be in the future, or possibly as they were in the past. But it is a glorious age, whenever it is, and this is the promise that The Once And Future Git brings - a return to this great time when Orcs rule the world and there is always a good fight in the offing. The mask also has the useful ability to launch lethal green bolts of energy at people who annoy him.[1a]
  • Bonewood Staff[1a][2a] - This was carved many centuries ago from rare and precious bonewood. it is a potent focus for Waaagh! energy and is often used for Orc magic items. The Staff contains a spell which turns Wurrzag's foes into Squigs.[1a]
  • Wizzbang the Power Squig[1a][2a] - A squig sits on the top of the Bonewood Staff, glaring hatefully at everyone. It is small and furry, with long hair that stands on end when its full of Waaagh! energy, which is most of the time.[1a]





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