A great many of Kislev's populace hail from the hundreds of villages that dot the Kislevite steppe, coming to find work in the city and earn enough to send back to their families. The Writer's Rooms initially began as a few educated men offering to pen letters for illiterate peasants to send word to their families on the steppe of their work, health, and daily lives. Of course, this communication relied on someone being able to read the letter in their home village, but often, merely receiving a letter was enough, even if the letter's recipient could not understand it. As the number of people coming from the steppe increased, so too did the need for a more permanent arrangement, and Tzar Alexandr offered a stipend to any man of letters who was willing to spend a period of time in the Writer's Rooms transcribing the peasants' news and reading them any replies. Over the years, the Writer's Room has grown in size and stature, acquiring neighbouring properties and knocking down walls. From the outside, it resembles a number of humble dwelling places, but inside, it is a warren of stacked papers, bookshelves, and writing booths. It also boasts an extensive library of correspondence that is second to none in its descriptions of the customs, history, superstitions, and legends of the steppe people.[1a]


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