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A Writ of Iron is an authorization of a noble of Naggaroth to act as a representative of the Drachau of one of the six black cities.


Carrying a Writ of Iron invests the bearer with one of the highest authority in Naggaroth. The bearer is empowered for a specific task that will bring glory to the dark elves. A representative of the Cult of Khaine brings the writ to the Drachau's chosen agent to verify the transfer of power and remind the bearer of its temporal nature.[1a] A bearer of a Writ of Iron can command all the resources of the city he belongs, but other institutions, like the Cult of Khaine or the Convent of Sorceresses, are beyond their authority.[1a]

If the bearer fails in their task or acts in a matter unbefitting to a representative of a drachau, the writ is molten down and poured down the throat of the offender.[2a]


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