"The Marquis of Mullyn, he called himself. Said he were a noble, but I never heard of no place called Mullyn. He were staying here to ‘pursue some particular researches’, so he said. Paid for three months in advance, kept hisself to hisself, never caused no bother. Next thing we knew the Constables was calling round wanting him, said he’d been grave-robbing. He’d fled town by then and we didn’t hear of him again till word was he’d occupied the old Jagdhof lodge on the other side of the lake. Well of course we rounded up some stout lads with pitchforks and torches to run him right out of the area. We soon found out what he’d been using them bodies for—place was thick with Zombies, and a lot of the lads legged it, but we fought them back with flames until we could put the place to the torch. You can see the blackened ruins from here on a clear day, when the mist hasn’t rolled right in from Mount Schober there. On a clear night you can see it even better, and see the old Marquis still flapping about in his big black cloak, waving his arms and still doing his ‘particular researches.’ My own cousin Hans took the Priest of Sigmar out there on his boat to drive away the evil spirit, but the Priest never came back and Hans has never been the same since, floated up on our shore a week later half-drowned and half-terrified to death he did."
Jurgen Weissbrauer, Tapman at the Prinz Luitpold Inn.[2a]
"Passing cruel thisss world isss that you still breathe and I mussst rot. Crueler still am I, for I will rectify mattersss. Thisss iss your death. Say prayersss if it pleasesss you; they will not save your life, nor protect your soul from the tormentsss I plan for it..."
The so-called Marquis of Mullyn.[2b]

The Wraith is an even more powerful spirit to that of Banshees or Spectres. It too is driven to violence and insanity, but its rage is far greater. Wraiths are the spirits of great necromancers who experimented with the blackest magic in order to acquire immortality—and failed, leaving only an echo of their identity on the Winds of Dhar they manipulated. To come so close to their goal yet be denied drives them instantly insane and fills them with an unimaginable hatred for the living, whose souls they take great pleasure in draining away. They carry ethereal scythes and are often confused with images of Morr—and they most certainly bring only death wherever they pass.[1a]

To even behold a Wraith can be enough to scare a mortal to death. As spirits, they are all also invisible to the naked eye and immune to mundane weapons. They can pass through all barriers and fly across the land at incredible speeds. They can thus single-handedly devastate any armies who have not already fled in terror.[1b]

Types of Wraith


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