Worlds Edge Mountains Map

The whole range of the Worlds Edge Mountains.

The Worlds Edge Mountains are the greatest range of mountains in the world, stretching out from the Chaos Wastes and extending into the Southlands. Thus, they form a natural barrier between the Old World and the Dark Lands. In the distant past, the Worlds Edge Mountains were at the heart of the great Dwarf Empire of ancient days, and even now, many great Dwarf holds and fortresses may be found amidst this towering range of peaks.


The Worlds Edge Mountains are considered the largest mountain range in the whole world. The mountains reach from the most northern parts of the Empire and Kislev, to as far south as the jungles of the Southlands. The whole mountain range is said to be the main barrier for any race to cross if they are to invade the lands of the west, such as the Old World and Araby. It is also the strongest barrier for the Greenskin race of the Dark Lands and beyond from invading the lands of the Empire, but much of it is due to the stout and valiant defence of the Dwarfs of the Karaz Ankor. It is said that the Dwarf empire reached the entirety of the whole mountain range, from the most southern hold of Karak Zorn, to the lost northern hold of Karak Dum. The first Dwarfen settlement started in the south, then they followed the veins of minerals all the way to the mountains bordering the current Empire. 

The mountains are also said to split into several smaller ranges that branch out of the mountain range, to that of the Black Mountains, that act as the Empire's southern borders to the Border Princes, and the Grey Mountains, that act as the western border that separates the lands of Bretonnia and the Empire. The range continues on more north until it splits in the lands of Norsca, and the other connecting to the Mountains of Mourn

The Dwarfen stronghold of Zhufbar is home to a nest of Fire Dragons sealed into an abandoned hall named to The Dragon's Hall, or Khaz Drakk in Dwarfen, which leads to the River Aver.


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