A Woodsman.

Woodsmen live among the mighty forests of the Empire, looking after trees they will fell for timber.


The more fortunate Woodsmen work for Noble families on large estates. The braver souls work on the edges of civilisation, helping to expand the settled lands. These Woodsmen must deal with all the dangers of the forest, from pitfalls and bandits to wild animals and Beastmen. They always keep their axes handy and not just for chopping wood. Woodsmen have been known to clash with Elves, since the Elves do not take kindly to the clearing of their precious forests.[1a]

Little Known Facts

Woodsmen have skin like leather, from constant exposure to the elements. When working in the heat of summer, some woodsmen are known to coat themselves in tree sap to keep insects away, which gives them a curious, woody smell.[2a]

Woodsmen know how to treat bark so it can be worked like thick leather. Woodsmen often have bracers, greaves and shoe soles made from bark, which is more durable than leather or cloth. Woodsmen are careful to maintain their patch of forest, planting an acorn where they fell an oak, nurturing saplings and clearing the forest floor of undergrowth that might stunt the growth of new trees.[2a]

For several misguided reasons, woodsmen have traditionally been considered mortal enemies of wood elves. In reality they share a common interest in caring for the forest environment that sustains their livelihoods, but they each approach it from a different tact.[2a]


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