The Sons of Ulric believe that they are the blood descendants of Ulric, who is widely claimed to have sired children with hundreds, if not thousands, of mortal women. They have been attempting to infiltrate the Cult of Ulric for decades, for they see it as an institution that is rightfully theirs to lead. Deep within the bowels of the Ulricsburg, the great rock upon which Middenheim is built, the sect maintains a small temple of special importance to their cause.[1a]

The Womb of the Wolf is believed by the Sons to be the site where Ulric’s first mortal child was born. The mother, Griseldis, was the daughter of the Teutogen chief, and fled into the tunnels of the Ulricsberg when her father discovered her pregnancy. There, the Sons believe, she was brought meat by Ulric’s wolves, and drank water from a holy spring.[1a]

There is still a spring there today, and the site where the birth supposedly happened is lined with wolf skins. At any one time there are normally 10 Sons of Ulric in the temple, although many scores may worship there at times of religious importance. Female Sons of Ulric often sleep in the temple in the hope that Ulric will choose one of them as his next bride.[1a]


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