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Until recently, the aggressively intelligent Wolfmar von Krutz did not believe in the divinity of Sigmar. When an Initiate, he furiously studied every holy tome and stubbornly argued with every tutor until he arrived at his conclusion that Sigmar was not a God. To further his understanding he discussed theology with many of the Empire's most learned minds, including Hieronymus of Nuln, Zavant Konniger and even Verspasian Kant, the Patriarch of the Light Order. But the debates, oft-times heated, still led him to the same conclusion: Sigmar was not a God![1a]

On his 53rd Birthday, von Krutz, who was, by that time, the high priest of Talabheim, waited for the blacksmith Valten, the supposed "Exalted of Sigmar," to march into his city. Valten arrived that evening mounted upon a great warhorse. The Emperor rode at his side, and a great host trailed far behind them. Sigmar's holy warhammer, Ghal Maraz, was held aloft in Valten's right hand. His left hand was held aloft in salute, the fading light shimmering down his ancient armour. The sight was magnificent. Awe inspiring. Fighting back tears, von Krutz knew doubt for the first time in his life.[1a]

That night, the high priest is said to have met with Valten. No-one knows what passed between the two men, but von Krutz chose not to ride north to Middenheim to relieve the siege, which had been his original plan. Instead, he returned to his temple, feverishly claiming that Sigmar had been reborn, and that all Ulricans should watch for the "Mark of Unification."[1a]

Months later, when news reached Talabheim of Valten's "miraculous departure," von Krutz shook his head in disbelief. He could not believe it. He would not believe Valten could abandon his people. Thus, he is now convinced something is deeply wrong, and is using all of his resources to send agents north to uncover the truth. If this fails, he plans to travel to Middenheim himself, there to unearth exactly what happened to Valten, no matter the consequences.[1a]


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