In theory, Wolf Runner Coaches competes with Castle Rock Coaches on the routes serving Middenheim, but although a great rivalry exists between the two companies, they have effectively shared the city's business between them. While Castle Rock Coaches serves Altdorf and southern routes, Wolf Runner Coaches controls the lucrative Marienburg run and routes in the northern part of the Empire.[1a]

The Wolf Runner coach yards are very quiet at the moment. All their horses were commandeered for the army, along with most of the coachmen in their employ. The coaches stand idle in their sheds, with only a couple of caretakers left behind to look after business. The lands to the north of the city were the worst affected by the forces of Chaos, and although the occasional heavily guarded caravan arrives from Marienburg, the road is far from safe. It is not clear when regular service will be restored.[1a]


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