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"The Wolf-Kin are fighters driven to near-madness by hardship or despair. Rather than lower themselves to morose preaching of punishment for man's sins at the end of the world, however, followers of Ulric traumatised in this way take a more direct approach befitting their pragmatic and vengeful god. Gathering together, they travel the roads and forests seeking out Beastmen, Orcs and evil in any form. Their anger and hatred lends them insane strength and they hack apart their foes with a terrible fury, oblivious to the most insurmountable odds in their desire to destroy those responsible for the ills of the world..."
The berserk Wolf-Kin of Ulric.[2]

Wolf Kin skirmishers.

While the Flagellants of Sigmar might wander around cities bleating about their offences and hitting each other with sticks, the followers of Ulric take a different path. Those who become convinced of their own, or the world's, sinfulness take the path of the Wolf-Kin, berserk warriors who travel the northern Empire looking for trouble and then fighting it head-on.


The Wolf-Kin are among the most-admired fanatics in the Empire. They fight bravely against the enemies of the Empire, and many give their lives protecting small villages, or breaking an assault so an army can make an orderly retreat and fight another day. Almost all Wolf-Kin live in the northern Empire, wandering around looking for groups of Beastmen, warriors of Chaos and other enemies. As is the way of the Old World, there are always plenty of such adversaries for them to fight.[1a]

Wolf-Kin are single-minded in their search for enemies to kill, and attack directly and head-on when they find some. Subtle strategy, or, indeed, any strategy, is not their concern; they rely on their fighting strength, faith in Ulric, and sheer energy to grant them triumph. Because a lot of them had military training before joining the Wolf-Kin, it often does.[1a]

At present, the Wolf-Kin devote most of their attention to defeating the remaining Beastmen and Mutants from the armies of Chaos, although in normal times Orcs, and even human bandits, become their targets. Indeed, in the past Wolf-Kin have been known to attack Imperial tax collectors as representatives of evil, but such incidents are glossed over these days.[1a]

The Wolf-Kin are loosely organised, and anyone can join, or even simply declare themselves to be one. If they act the part, and stay alive, they are a Wolf-Kin. Female members are also known, but are substantially less common. Because Wolf-Kin are prone to sudden violence, particularly when drunk, the respect most feel for them does not extend to warm hospitality. No village would throw a group of Wolf-Kin out, but they would host them in a barn, rather than in people’s homes. As a result, there is little benefit in pretending to be Wolf-Kin, and the majority of those wandering the roads of the north are genuine.[1a]


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