A Wizard is a character able to weave magic into the casting of spells. Magic is everywhere in the Warhammer World, it permeates all living creatures and every inanimate thing. Its power is there to use for good or ill. Magic is almost as important as the fighting abilities of warriors, for it can make the difference between victory and defeat. As a consequence, mighty rulers and noble lords employ their own Wizards to protect them and fight on their behalf. Some of the races of the world are even ruled over by powerful Wizards.

In the Empire, the Emperor himself encourages the study of magic so that he may have powerful battle wizards to help fight his wars. In Lustria the Slann of the Lizardmen practice the most potent of all sorceries. Even the Orcs and Goblins, low minded as they are, have Shamans who can blast the enemy with raw magic. Of all the intelligent races of the Old World only the Dwarfs have no Wizards. Their skills lie in the manufacture of fabulous magical artefacts and enscribing runes of power.[1a]


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