Witchcraft is a magical discipline practiced by Witches. It mixes power from all eight Winds of Magic in a haphazard way, without regard to the possible consequences. Thus, Witchcraft is more likely than other lores to lead to miscasts and corruption, even when Ingredients are used.[1a]

List of Known Spells


  • Blight - The witch voids the life force from an area previously healthy and verdant.This can have one of a variety of targets and effects, for instance:[1a]
    • A clean well becomes polluted.[1a]
    • A productive orchard withers and dies.[1a]
    • A healthy cow becomes sick and unproductive.[1a]


  • Creeping Menace - The caster summons a swarm of giant rats, giant spiders, or snakes to harass their foes. While the spells is in effect, the caster may attempt to direct the swarm to attack another opponent, but once the spell ends, the critters disperse into the shadows.[1a]
  • Curse of Crippling Pain - The witch impales a crude voodoo doll, causing crippling pain in the corresponding body part of the target. For instance, if the leg of the doll was stabbed, the target's leg would become paralyzed for pain. Similarly, crippling pain may paralyze an arm, cause the target to fall over in pain if the torso is stabbed, or stun the target if the head is stabbed.[1a]
  • Curse of Ill-Fortune - While this spell is in effect, the target suffers minor, obnoxious inconveniences, such as their bootlaces tearing or the chair they sit on breaking. In addition, any endeavor they make is slightly less likely to succeed. This spell requires a personal possession of the target to be cast.[1a]


  • The Evil Eye - The caster makes eye contact with the target. If they successfully intimidate them, the target becomes fatigued.[1b]


  • Haunting Horror - The witch places a curse on a single area, such as a building or glade. Anyone in that location experiences eerie and unnerving phenomena, such as flitting shadows, half-heard whispers, and nightmares.[1b]


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