A trained and sanctioned witch hunter may carry a writ that bears the seal of the Witch-Finder or Witch-Hunter General. The role of Witch-Finder General is the highest attainable office within the practices of legally authorised and sanctioned witch hunters operating openly in the Empire. Bearing such a writ gives a witch hunter leave to investigate the taint of Chaos anywhere within the Empire and act upon it should he find it.[1a]

By the wording of the writ, such a witch hunter answers only to the Witch-Finder General, who in turn answers only to the Emperor. In practise, of course, he must still abide by local authority, and local nobles and law enforcers can still question his methods and decisions – though they usually do so very cautiously. The real restraint governing a sanctioned witch hunter, however, is the order itself. And few criminals are dealt with as harshly as a rogue witch hunter.[1a]

The history of the office of Witch-Finder General is shrouded in mystery. There is no official doctrine or evidence that such an office even exists – no mention of any people who have held the position, no information on where the Witch-Finder General is stationed, and no proof as to whether or not the role is officially recognised by the Emperor. However, most people are ignorant of these inconsistencies, or are too fearful of the wrath of a witch hunter to demand proof of the authenticity of a writ sealed by the Witch-Finder General.[1a]


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