Wine comes in many flavors... and forms.

Wine includes any beverage made from fermented grapes. The wines from the Tilean City States and Estalian Kingdoms lean towards red vintages, while wine from the Empire favours lighter and sweeter grapes. As wine is too valuable to be consumed by itself, when commoners have a glass of wine, they water it. There are many types of wines, from the sweet dessert wines like port and sherry to a variety of reds and whites, each with a broad range of sweetness and dryness.[1a]

Among the finest wines in the world are those hailing from the Morceaux River valley in Bretonnia. These vintages are renowned in lands as far away as Kislev. This is not to say that all wines from this region are excellent—they do make a number of bad bottles, but mostly the vineyards in this eastern land overshadow those of their neighbours.[1a]


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