To the south of the Parade sits Windlass Square. Its name comes from the giant windlass that lies halfway along its length. Before the Great War, this mighty steam-powered crane was used to lift cannons and munitions from river barges into the Citadel. That a hundred-ton iron windlass could be lifted from the riverside and smashed through the cobbles on the other side of town is just another outcome of the Great War that the people of Praag have learned to accept. Windlass Square runs uphill to the great Opera House and the New Palace. In keeping with Praag fashion, it is oft-debated which of the two buildings is the more beautiful—and the more important. Events held at either building always spill out into the square, making it the most fashionable place to be and be seen. The nobles of Praag live around the square, and rank in the city is said to be measured by how loudly one can hear the opera from one's bedroom.[1a]


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