Wilhelm the Rotten.[1]

Wilhelm the Rotten was an infamous Zombie serving the Vampire Counts.


The Vampire Counts' strength lies with their ability to replenish their numbers after every battle. Even if their opponents can cut down two enemies for every one they lose, they often find themselves fighting their own dead in the next confrontation.[1]

Wilhelm had been a peasant living in Talabecland when Mannfred von Carstein led his attack on Altdorf. The undead army had appeared out of nowhere, and he had fled into the woods, hoping to evade them. He watched as his village burned and hid in a ditch as the undead forces raced past him in the night, trying to close his ears to the cries of agony he heard echoing from the village.[1]

When dawn came, he carefully stood and gazed at the horror that his village had suffered. As he wandered through the ruins of his life, he caught sight of movement out of the corner of his eyes. He looked up to see a group of his former villagers standing nearby. His joy at seeing them quickly turned to fear as the head of the closest one rolled off while the body shambled towards him. His cries of fear were cut short as the mob encircled him.[1]


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