Wild Magic

A Bray-Shaman casting Wild Magic

Wild Magic, also known as the Lore of the Wild, is a form of magic used by the Beastmen, most notably through their Bray-Shamans. Though this magic taps into powers similar to that of the Lore of Beasts, it is very much distinct and can be perceived as a corrupted version of it.[1a]

List of Spells


  • Bestial Surge - The shaman inflames the Beastmen's uncontrollable urge to rend the foe limb from limb, causing them to surge forward in a roaring, bellowing mass.[1a]
  • Bray-Scream - This spell unleashes a howling roar of such intensity that mashes brains and bursts eyeballs.[1a]


  • Devolve - Delving into his enemies' minds, the shaman magnifies the savage and animalistic parts of their psyche until they are no more than growling beasts.[1a]


  • Mantle of Ghorok - Ghorok was a legendary Minotaur, ferocious as a storm. His spirit mantle is terrible but dangerous to the bearer.[1a]


  • Primal Onslaught - With a guttural roar that shakes the roots of the world, the Bray-Shaman feeds the rage of the beasts around him.[2a]


  • Ruiner of the Wrought - Slamming his staff into the ground, the Bray-Shaman unshackles stock and stone from their bondings of artifice, unmaking the enemy's weapons of war.[2a]


  • Savage Dominion - The shaman sends his mind winging into the wilds and possesses the largest creature he can find, storming back onto the battlefield with a vengeance.[1a]


  • Traitor-Kin - Calling out to the war-beasts of the enemy, the shaman drives a red-hot spear of wrath into the wild hearts of the enemy's mounts, causing them to turn upon those who dared tame them with bit, bridle and spur.[1a]


  • Viletide - This spell calls to the creeping things that nest in the decaying undergrowth, creating a vile wave of spiders, centipedes and slug-beetles that swarm over the foe.[1a]


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