White Wolf Cloak

White Wolf Cloak

The White Wolf Cloak is a holy relic that renders its wearer immune to the negative effects of cold. This includes exposure to low temperatures and damage from cold-based spells and attacks.[1a]


The very first White Wolf Cloak is said to have been created by Ar-Ulric Wulcan almost 2,500 years ago. The then chief of the Teutogens had been struck low in the northern wilds, where he had been leading a defence against Goblins from the Silver Hills. He was weakening quickly, and the bitterly cold conditions of the late-autumn nights were making him worse. Wulcan, upon hearing the dire news, immediately set off from his new temple on the Fauschlag in search of the chief. After a week’s hard travel through driving winds and stinging snow, it is said he was set upon by a giant White Wolf, its eyes wild with hunger. Wulcan took this as a sign from Ulric, and, although a very old man, proved his worth by slaying the beast with his bare hands, strangling the life from the giant’s neck as it frantically snapped for his throat. Soon after, he strode into the camp of the dying tribal chief, dragging the dead wolf by its tail. He immediately slit open its belly and wrapped the steaming, hot pelt about the dying Elector, claiming to the gathered onlookers that the White Wolf, a gift from Ulric, was sure to preserve the chief’s fading life.[1a]

True to that word, the fever soon broke, and the chief was soon well enough to travel home. Since then, tradition has demanded that all newly appointed Ar-Ulrics should seek out White Wolves in the forests of Middenland, there to wrestle Ulric’s messengers and secure their warmth against the winter, or die in the attempt. In the last two centuries, only the current Ar-Ulric, Emil Valgeir, has succeeded in finding such a wolf.[1a]


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