Warhammer Cult of Ranald

A prominent cultist of Ranald is the enigmatic figure known as White Raven. Known to the richest burghers and nobles as a brazen thief, she has pulled off some of the most daring highway robberies in recorded history, and is known as a saviour and generous patroness to the lower classes. White Raven wears a feathered mask that hides her features, and is known to be a crack shot with a pistol.[1a]

Rumours about her true identity run the gamut, with the leading thought that she is the youngest daughter of one of the prominent noble houses in Middenheim. White Raven typically drops off the loot from her crimes at the doors of orphanages, backwater shrines, and the homes of war victims in and around the city of Altdorf, giving some idea of her sphere of influence.[1a]


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