Tomb Banshee

Whispering Nell

Across Sylvania, sleep-deprived parents tell of wailing women who shriek the souls of noisy children into their graves. Yet the tale of Vargravia's most famous guardian, known to the vale's grave robbers as Whispering Nell, is even more disturbing.[1a]

The name 'Nell' is actually a bastardisation of Countess Emmanuelle von Templehof, once cousin of Konrad the Bloody and ruler of Castle Templehof. Long ago, Konrad gave her an ancient grimoire hailing from Nehekhara, confiding to her that he was unskilled in matters necromantic. What he did not mention was that the book came with a price. The Dwarfs of Zhufbar had long hunted the grimoire with the intent of destroying it, for their legends told it could rob the light from the sky forever.[1a]

When they besieged Castle Templehof in force, Emmanuelle sent a legion of the dead against them. The book's spells of darkness ensured the siege was a grinding war of attrition. Before the next moon rose, the countess had the blood of over a thousand clansmen on her hands. The Dwarfs called her the Whispering Death, for whenever her hissing tones called a Dwarf by name from the darkness, he would slump to the ground, stone dead. Driven to desperation, the Dwarf throng stormed the castle and slew Emmanuelle in her coffin, though it cost them dearly. Her name is inscribed in the Book of Grudges to this day.[1a]

Over recent decades, the warding runes the Dwarfs put in place to keep Emmanuelle's spirit silent have gone missing. Rumour has it she was last seen on the outskirts of Vargravia, beckoning those travellers who pass close by to come even closer. As yet, none have been stupid enough to do so.[1a]


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