Warhammer Lore of Magic

The Wheel of Magic

Devised by Supreme Patriarch Paranoth of the Jade College of Magic in ages past,[1a] the Wheel of Magic, also sometimes referred to as the Great Wheel, is a common sight in the magical tomes of the Empire of Man. It shows the relationships between the eight Lores of Magic and the sorcerous winds that feed them. Since magical power is itself simply an expression of the energies of Chaos, most representations of the wheel also include the eight-pointed Star of Chaos in their design in some form.

Each lore shares key words of command, rituals or abilities with other lores in close proximity, whilst existing in opposition to the lore that sits on the opposite side of the wheel. It is little wonder that Men cannot master all eight lores simultaneously, for to do so would be to hold eight polar opposites in balance -- a recipe for disaster should even a single word of command be mispronounced.[2a]


In Defenders of Ulthuan, it's shown that the topmost chamber of the White Tower of Hoeth has the Wheel of Magic built into the floor. It is unclear if Teclis had this done before or after Paranoth, or, in the former case, if Paranoth derived inspiration from the High Elves.



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