When someone finds himself on the Wheel of Dread and Pleasure, he’s no longer able to control his mood or emotional reactions to the daily grind of life. His mood constantly swings from one of giddy euphoria to its polar opposite, that of deep despair.[1a]

When the Wheel turns to Pleasure, the character gains an incredible amount of energy and often shuns sleep for days at a time; he also become restless and impulsive, spends money he doesn’t have on extravagant items, suffers from impaired judgment, behaves inappropriately in social situations and strongly feels like he’s capable of doing anything. In this state he is more agile, but has lower willpower and intelligence.[1a]

When the Wheel turns to Dread, the character often refuses to get out of bed, sleeps too much yet feels tired all the time, is prone to random bursts of uncontrollable weeping, looses interest in his pursuits, shuns family and friends, feels hopeless and worthless, and possess a strong desire to die. Consolations fall on deaf ears, and the character usually ends up driving away those who care for him. In this state he has less agility, willpower, and ability to work as a team.[1a]

Cycles between pleasure and dread last between one and ten days per wheel. This continues for the rest of his life or until he is cured or dies.[1b]

A character on the Wheel of Pleasure can get himself into trouble with the law, end up in debt, perform some stupid action with great repercussions, or possibly get himself injured or killed. On the Wheel of Dread, his lack of motivation makes him a highly ineffective adventurer, and there’s always the possibility he may jump off a bridge.[1b]


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