"What happens in Wheburg stays in Wheburg!"
Reiklander saying[1a]

Wheburg is a resort town in Reikland near Helmgart. It sits on the road from Bögenhafen through Helmgart and over Axe Bite Pass. Because of its proximity to that treacherous road, most people travelling through Wheburg are either about to embark on a potentially fatal journey, or have recently completed one. Either way, they have a powerful desire to enjoy life.[1a]

To accommodate this, Wheburg has developed an economy based on the hospitality industry. Its streets are lined with taverns, inns, and gambling establishments. Besides these relatively reputable businesses, there are many places in Wheburg were illicit drugs and other pleasures of the flesh can be purchased. While fist-fights and pickpocketing are common occurrences in Wheburg, crime rarely spills out into widespread looting or rioting because of the large number of soldiers patrolling the streets.[1a]

The crowds of revelers are bolstered by many off-duty soldiers from the garrison of nearby Helmgart. In fact, a sizable barracks exists to accommodate such soldiers. In addition, the town has a great enough reputation that it is considered a rite of passage for well-heeled Reiklanders to spend some time in Wheburg shortly prior to their wedding.[1a]


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