"In the darkness I practised the secret arts.
I was then but a collector of charms.
I looked to the Lord of Changes for wisdom
And Tzeentch found me and led me into the light.
I searched for Fool's Gold and found the magic stone.
I bathed in the rainbow of Chaos
High priest of the coven.
The Saga of Werner Flamefist, Champion of Tzeentch.[1a]

Werner was a noble who dabbled in alchemy. While trying to turn base metals into gold, he discovered a crystal of warpstone. Immediately Werner began to change physically. His skin became psychedelic and he gathered about him a coven of followers.

"Daggers in the great hall.
I fled into hiding, my followers with me.
Tzeentch strengthened us
A long-arm for Kaspar, a crystal helm for me.
Werner, 'Dagger Night'.[1a]

Werner and his coven are discovered by vengeful kinsmen during a family feud. They were determined to stamp out Werner's heresies which were bringing the household into disrepute. Werner fled into hiding with the remnants of his coven, numbering six Human cultists.[1a]

"From the castle crags to barren hills
Tzeentch led us.
The horned ones were out swords and shields
Against the brigands of the night.
Weapons harm not the followers of Tzeentch.
Werner, 'Flight to the Crags'.[1a]

Werner fled from his ancestral home into the wild hills where he grew stronger and was befriended by Beastmen, attracted by his charisma and magic powers. Werner's band was swelled by nine Beastmen, who fought off brigands for Werner. They knew him to be favoured by Tzeentch and became his followers. Two Human cultists were slain in skirmishes in the crags.[1a]

"In dark caves, the eye of Tzeentch found me.
He sent a skittering beast to lead me through the dark.
Tzeentch forged for me a sword and made me his warrior.
Werner, 'The Dark Caves'.[1a]

Werner was guided through a cave system by following a Cockatrice. Somewhere in the caves, Werner chanced upon a Chaos Weapon, which he believed was undoubtedly cast in his path by Tzeentch himself. Werner felt himself to be transformed into a warrior of considerable prowess.[1a]

"Brighter than the light of day
Shines the gaze of Tzeentch, Changer of the Way.
Upon the gleaming plains of endless change
Stretching to infinity
There speed the Steeds of Tzeentch.
By the will of Tzeentch are the savage beasts tamed
To serve his worshippers.
Werner, 'The Chaos Wastes'.[1a]

Werner and his band emerged from the caves led by a Cockatrice. They appeared on a great shimmering plain. The skies were full of Flying Discs and one attached itself to Werner as a personal mount. Further into the Wastes, Werner used his Disc to hunt a Minotaur who joined his following. Werner's retinue now included four Humans a Cockatrice, nine Beastmen, a Disc and a Minotaur.[1a]

"The vile pools of stench
We cleansed with blood offerings to Tzeentch.
The foul waters boiled in rage
Under the searing gaze of the Changer of the Way.
From the murky depths came beasts fashioned from his thought.
Tzeentch creator of creatures, defies the worldly way.
Viscious spawn, who ask not where or why
Eager only to eat the foe, or die.
Werner, 'Battle of the Slime Pool'.[1b]

At the Battle of the Slime Pool, Werner's band found a foetid swamp occupied by creatures of Nurgle. These were slain forthwith and their spilt blood brought about a magical change to the stinking pools. Tzeentch was at work, and the vile remains were re-forged into dangerous Spawn who can fight for Werner. Three Beastmen were slain during the slaughter.[1b]

"One by one, the foes of Tzeentch I laid low.
No one could stand the gaze of Tzeentch
Granted only to his favoured ones.
I spared the green-tusked warriors.
When they saw the signs of Tzeentch
They fell upon their faces
For Tzeentch spares those who can change with the times.
Werner, 'The Rampage'.[1b]

Werner and his retinue rampaged across the Wastes, slaying all-comers in the name of Tzeentch. Werner was no fool, and he picked only lone Champions or those with denuded warbands. Consequently, he gathered strength slowly and did not attract the eye of Tzeentch. Werner spared some Orcs who "willingly" embraced the worship of Tzeentch after witnessing the prowess of Werner in action. During this time Werner's warband dwindled to three Humans, three Beastmen, one Cockatrice (called Skitter), one Spawn (known affectionately as Jibberwack), two newly recruited Orcs, the Minotaur (called Gorekopf) and the Disc mount of Werner himself.[1b]

"In the crater of fire
The arrogant ones met the wrath of Tzeentch
And the Lord of Change rewarded me accordingly.
As a Flamer I shall be.
All Beastmen shall call me master.
Werner, 'Battle of the Crater of Fire'.[1b]

Werner made his way to a volcanic crater which he considered sacred to Tzeentch. On finding three warbands using the magma as a mere cooking fire, Werner became enraged and all were slain for their desecration. Tzeentch was well pleased and granted Werner the aspect of a Flamer. His band was swelled by more Beastmen, since he had lost two Beastmen during the battle. The warband now included seven Beastmen, three Humans, a Cockatrice, a Minotaur (both scarred by many old wounds), a Chaos Spawn, two Orcs and Werner hovering on his Disc.[1b]

"To wield magic in the name of Tzeentch
To change his foes by awesome flux
That was my final task, the last challenge.
I sought a powerful foe
Hunted him for many years.
I confronted mighty Festus the Fiend.
My spell skills counted for more than any weapon
The glint of magic caught the eye of Tzeentch.
He knew my worth in his eternal legions.
This stone was raised by my followers
It marks the birthplace of a Daemon Prince.
Werner, now Daemon Prince Tzy'y chy ikch, known to Old World cultists as Flamefist, 'Battle of the Flux'.[1b]

Werner realised that only by slaying a foe with magic could he win the favour of Tzeentch. He sought a powerful opponent to challenge. Eventually he overcame a huge, exceptionally tough Champion of Nurgle, Festus the Fiend, by means of spells alone. The flash of magic attracted the gaze of Tzeentch and Werner was immediately rewarded with Daemonhood in a blaze of glory. He cast off the warpstone charm that began his rise to power, challenging any who dare to find it. Festus the Fiend managed to account for most of Werner's warband before he himself fell. The bones of the Minotaur and the carapace of the Cockatrice are strewn about the site of Werner's monolith accompanied by the skulls of Beastmen, some of which must have been followers of Festus as well as Werner. Some of Werner's originally Cultist friends must have survived to carve his saga on the monolith. No doubt one among them went on to become a Champion of Tzeentch, following in his master's footsteps.[1b]


  • In later editions, Werner Flamefist appears instead to be known as Werner "Thunderfist".[2a]


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