The Weissbruck Canal is a canal connecting the Bögen and Reik rivers. As it connects to Altdorf, it sees heavy traffic year round, primarily from ship captains wishing to bypass the high taxes of Carroburg. A toll is paid by each vessel using the canal, at their point of entry. It is 25 feet wide, and many amenities are located on the canal's banks, including berthing points and inns.[1a]

However, the Weissbruck Canal also has a haunted reputation. Some say that mysterious pre-Unberogen artefacts were discovered by the dwarf engineers who dug the canal. It is said that, when Morrslieb is full, those travelling northward on the canal may end up somewhere other than the Reik…[1a]

The Weissbruck Canal was commissioned by the Gruber family, the ruling family of Weissbruck, in conjunction with the Prince of Altdorf. Construction was begun by the dwarfs in 2462, and its completion brought trade and wealth to the town.[1b]


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