Weissbruck is a town in Reikland.[1a][2a][3a] Located where the Weissbruck Canal to Altdorf meets the River Bögen,[3a] it is an important trade town.[1a]

Weissbruck originated as a minor fishing village. However, through the the shrewdness of its ruling family, the Grubers, it has become the wealthy trade town it is today. Initially, they began mining operations of coal and iron in the nearby Skaag Hills. Acquiring permission from the Prince of Altdorf, they used their mining profits to fund construction of the Weissbruck Canal. The canal was built by dwarfen engineers in 2426 IC. This proved a foresighted decision indeed, for even after the seams of coal and iron have dried up, the canal brings trade, citizens, and wealth to the city.[1a]

However, the recent closure of many mines has lead to an overabundance of former miners in town. This unemployed workforce of burly labourers seems to have little to do but sit around town and drink cheap alcohol.[1a] Simultaneously, a Dwarf Gyrocopter pilot has appeared in town, claiming that the plan of the town resembles the secret Dwarf Rune of Explosions.[4a]

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