"Surrounded, we were, Greenskins on all sides. They knew we were done. Then the priest raises his hammer towards the sky and bellows his prayer. And as the words echoed to silence, the lightning struck. And we were all unharmed, I swear to Sigmar. But the Goblins? All dead."
Holger Kass, 1st Bögenhafen Halberdiers.[4a]

A Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

Warrior Priests belong to elite, militarised sects of the Empire's various religious organisations.


Whilst all priests are expected to bear arms in the defence of their temple and faith, and most are at least proficient in combat, only a few march to battle alongside their templars and the Imperial army. These Warrior Priests have a threefold responsibility: ministering to the faithful amongst the army, offering spiritual and tactical advice to the army’s leadership, and smiting the unfaithful in battle. When war comes to the temple, a cult’s warrior priests take charge of its defence, marshalling the rest of the cult to repel attackers. Warrior priests are usually members of holy orders, such as the Sigmarites of the Order of the Silver Hammer.[2a] Most warrior priests come from the cults of Sigmar, Ulric, Myrmidia, Taal, and Morr, although other cults are not without a few token militant brethren.[2a][4a]

Types of Warrior Priest

  • Morr - Though not strictly warriors, the Priests of Morr are often forced to defend themselves and are staunch opponents of the Undead. They are a potent force on the battlefield, for who would be more feared than a representative of the god of Death?


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