"Cunning overseers, whose job it is to manage and well, steal any credit that may be due an inventive Warlock Engineer."
The Warlock Masters of Clan Skryre.[1]
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A Warlock Master.[1]

Warlock Masters are experienced Warlock-Engineers that have achieved a higher rank in Clan Skryre's hierarchy. Acting as the former's bosses, they supervise their experiments and, should the opportunity arise, steal the credit for their accomplishments as any Skaven would.[1]


The Warlock-Engineers of Clan Skryre are perhaps the most ingenious minds in all Skavendom; insane, diabolical scientists who combine arcane sorcery with mad science to create some of the the greatest technological marvels of mayhemic destruction. They are the artificers of Skaven society, producing black-market weaponry for any able to pay for it. Under the ever-watchful eyes of their Warlock Masters, whose role it is to oversee and, well, steal any credit that may be due to an inventive Warlock Engineer. They combine well-known weapons with heavy armour to make highly-experimental devices which do not always function flawlessly - many have met their doom as the result of an exploding Warp-power accumulator![1]


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