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Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WFB, WHFB, or simply Warhammer) is a tabletop wargame designed and published by Games Workshop. It is the oldest and most popular game to use Game Workshop's original Warhammer Fantasy setting. The game's 8th Edition was its last.


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The game is set in a fantasy world much like our own inhabited by a vast number of magical and fantastical beasts and races, each with their own civilisations, customs and enmities. Many are from the traditional high fantasy setting such as Men, Elves, Dwarfs and Dragons but many are also original: Lizardmen, ratmen, Ogres and others. Events play out over the course of five millennia, as civilisations rise and fall. The player is tasked to champion one of these, to lead them to victory against their foes.



The sentient races of the world and their allies may be commanded by the player in what is known as an army. The rules for playing each are released in armybooks, the current playable armies are;

  • Skaven (formerly Ratmen of Chaos)


These armies existed in previous editions of the game. Their rulesets are no longer compatible with the current game and their backgrounds may have been significantly altered since;

  • Kislev (6th Edition, White Dwarf supplement)
  • Undead (4th Edition, now Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts)

Derived Works

The Warhammer game has been adapted onto multiple platforms and has equally inspired a number of other franchises, most notability the Warhammer 40,000 setting also published by Games Workshop. Other games set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe are;

Video Games


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  1. Chaos has been renamed often over the years. The former names are Chaos, Realms of Chaos and Hordes of Chaos. The army was split into Beasts and Hordes in 6th edition. Daemons were then given their own army in 7th edition. They have been divided since.


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