"Even here the hierarchy seems complex; these different names are not merely local affectations, but precise statements of rank. These various Gor leaders will work together, each with their own smaller warband, banding together under one supreme leader of each horde. Fortunately, such co-operation is relatively rare, and the typical traveller would be most unlucky to be attacked by a Beastman herd that included more than one powerful leader."
Heinrich Malz, High Priest of Verena, Nuln.[2a]

A Wargor leading the tribes to battle.

Wargors, also known as Banebeasts and Banegors, are the brutal leaders of a Beastmen tribe, second only to the great Beastlords in power.[2a] 


Though these brutes are the leaders of the warherds, they give no regard to the concerns of their tribe. They care not how their underlings are fed or how disputes are settled. The only thing the Wargors concern themselves with is battle. Day and night they brood and plot the myriad ways they will enact their race's hatred of Man, the violence they will wreak upon his flesh and the defilement they will heap upon his temples.[1b]

More than just expert fighters, Wargors are ruthless and savage leaders. Rare is the beastman mighty enough to command both loyalty and obedience among his unruly herd. No Gor or Ungor dare cross a Wargor. The price for such insolence is a swift and bloody death. A beastman army with a Wargor at its head is a far deadlier force, for the chaos and disarray that typically undermine the beastmen's effectiveness all but disappear under the stern and unforgiving authority of a Wargor.[1a]

On the battlefield, a Wargor is a seething force of violence, bloodshed, and butchery. As a badge of their station, Wargors may adorn their horns with metal rings and tips of sharp steel or carry the severed heads of conquered foes as a grisly testament to their prowess. Where they wade into the fray, bringing their savage strength to bear on the enemy, victory follows.[1b]


  • A mighty Wargor faces an Imperial Swordsman


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