"Yes m'lord, the duke has been a-bed this last decade. And yes, m'lord, I am running his estate. No m'lord, I don't see that changing any time soon. After all, in Penzkirchen, my word is now law…Arrest him!"
W. Edvart Kurtz, Governer of Penzkirchen[1a]


Wardens are employed by Noble Lords and entrusted with taking care of a part of the lord's property. This area may range from a small hunting reserve or rarely used holidaying home to an entire grand estate. Wardens are expected to improve, or a the very least maintain, the area they are responsible for. Failure to do so is met with disfavour. Their duties include watching over the land, maintaining its infrastructure, keeping trespassers out, and assessing the holding's condition.[1a]

For particularly large estates, multiple wardens may be hired to work together as a team. In other cases, wardens for the most wealthy lords can gain significant political power themselves.[1a]


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