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"Floating and weaving through the battle line; an expressive demonstration of violence."

—Description of Wardancers in Total War: Warhammer.[3]

A host of Wood Elf Wardancers slaughtering the barbarians of the north.[2a]

Wardancers are highly-skilled Wood Elven warriors who roam Athel Loren in tightly knit troupes, treading paths and secret ways that few others know or dare use.


Other Wood Elves regard the Wardancers as wild and unpredictable, and not without cause, for they are the servants and worshippers of the Elven trickster god, Loec. The Wardancers lead the Elves in music and rejoicing, and perform the intricate dance rituals that re-enact the history of Athel Loren, a form of storytelling more important to the Wood Elves than the more conventional method of writing.[2a]

Wardancer vs beastmen

A Wardancer battles a Beastman.[5a]

To a Wardancer, even other Elves appear to be moving painfully slowly, for every move made by one of the kin of Loec flows into the next, and thence the next one after that without conscious thought or guidance. Forgoing armour, the Wardancers decorate themselves with swirling designs and dye their hair in bright colours, taking on the roles of mythical figures and ferocious warriors, their form of movement, and even their fighting style, paying homage to the one who inspires their dance.[2a]

Wardancers are sublime warriors, made even more deadly through their war dances. For these, the favoured rituals of the trickster god Loec, no rhythm is called nor are orders issued. Instead, the dancers instinctively enact a pattern of lethal movements, complementing the dances performed by the rest of the troupe. Each Wardancer leaps and pirouettes through the enemy ranks to music only they hear, gracefully evading their opponent's clumsy blows and ending their life with an impossibly swift strike of their own.[2a]

Wardancers see themselves as an elite group of warriors, and their dedication often borders on the fanatical. This elitist and often supercilious attitude is the reason for their separation from the mainstream of Wood Elf society and their habit of living in communities at the edge of a normal Elven settlement. Wardancers are greatly admired by other Wood Elves, for no one disputes the Wardancers' contribution to the safety of the Wood Elven settlements. But underlying this admiration is a certain amount of fear and suspicion for those who choose to live apart; the strange behaviour of these warriors is often disconnecting.[5a]

Wardancer troupes are commonly led by a veteran Shadowdancer, while Bladesingers lead individual regiments.[1][2]

Sea Elves field their own units of Wardancers called Sea Elf Wardancers.[4a]

Shadow Dances of Loec

  • Whirling Death - Each strike of a Wardancer's blade is made with uncanny precision, capable of severing a head or piercing a heart with one deceptively elegant stroke.[1a]
  • Storm of Blades - The Wardancers rain blow after blow upon their opponent, moving with such speed that the eye cannot follow each distinct cut and thrust.[1a]
  • The Shadow Coils - With agile grace the Wardancers evade the clumsy attacks of their enemies, becoming almost impossible to strike.[1a]
  • Woven Mist - The sinuous movements of this dance distract and confuse the enemy, allowing the Wardancers to strike before their foe can react.[1a]

Notable Wardancers

  • Glam - Considered ever wild, even by the standards of the Wardancers, Glam was a close companion of the famed archer Scarloc.

Notable Regiments

  • Loec's Tricksters - These Wardancers are the most favored of the trickster god Loec, dazzlingly deceptive and deadly in equal measure.[3]



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