Ursun has only two holy days, but they are celebrated with great vigour and without fail. The first is Waking Day, which occurs in early spring. In the north, it is typically done when the ice breaks or when the first birds of summer return. In the south, it is observed at the spring equinox. The purpose of the ceremony is to wake the bears from their hibernation. To do so, large groups—sometimes the entire stanitsa—gather in the forests at midday and make as much noise as possible. Pots and shields are banged, drums beaten, instruments played, and children yell; some participants even let off small charges of gunpowder. In the cities, there are fireworks and street parades—the din is incredible, and nobody can sleep through a good Waking Day ceremony.[1a][1b]

In Erengrad, Waking Day has become a tourist attraction, and traders will remain for the event and the extensive drinking that accompanies it.[1b]


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