Vlad von Carstein, holding his Wailing Blade with his left hand.

Vlad’s weapon of choice, the Wailing Blade was a beautifully crafted longsword with a screaming face upon the hilt. As it moves through the air, the blade screams and wails hungrily for the blood of men. The terrible wailing of the blade forces anyone within six yards to cower in fear, even the most staunch of heroes. The blade also demands blood, and once drawn in battle, the wielder must assert his will over the weapon to sheath it whilst living combatants remain for it to feast upon.


The Wailing Blade was crafted by the Dark Elves of Naggaroth, and it was carried with those explorers from that land who first came to ancient Nehekhara. It was presented to Vashanesh by Nagash along with the Von Carstein Ring, and it was used by Vlad in his great campaign against the Empire. After his fall at the Siege of Altdorf, the blade was believed buried with Vlad under the Temple of Sigmar, but in the tide of war, few are sure the right blade was seized.


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