Wörlin is a village along the River Reik in Reikland. Travelling down the river, it would be easy to miss the hamlet, which is nestled between rocky islets and promontories and sheltered by numerous willow trees.[1a]

What differentiates Wörlin from the hundreds of other villages lining the Reik is the annual ritual at which the village elders "Water the Willows". This occurs every year on Sonnstill. The elders , know as the "Hamlet Circle," gather to sing, dance, and feast. The most important part of the ceremony, however, involves slicing the throat of a virile stranger, and sprinkling it on the roots of the tree known as "Queen Willow." It is believed that, so long as the ritual is completed properly, the safety of the village is ensured for one more year. However, if it is not, the Queen Willow will supposedly awake, leading a band of Beastmen to slaughter all in their way.[1a]


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